Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tito has a new home!!

Welcome to my new blog! I am excited to start this new blog, content will be the same, but we have a new house.  And yes indeed my dog has also a new home, we are now living in an apartment after selling my house. Let's see how he behaves in an apartment... well, enough about Tito.

It was a little confusing to have a blog and a TpT store with a different name, somehow it was not working very well. Like I said before,  I am in the process of taking this more seriously and I am doing it.
So now I will have a FB page, TpT store, Twitter account and a blog all under the same name. I am so glad and driven to learn and use more technology.

So don't forget Tito y la escuela is now Primero Bilingüe!

Twitter @primerobil
FB page

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