Thursday, March 22, 2018

Recurso nuevo para tu salón de clases

Hola encontré esta página con muchos juegos y canciones en español.
Una de mis estaciones de trabajo durante lectura guiada es el uso de las computadoras, a los niños les encanta esa estación.
Hay muy pocos juegos en español que ellos pueden usar y por eso me encantó esta página, parece divertida, el diseño esta muy padre y les llama mucho la atención a los niños.

Te dejo el enlace para que la pruebes tu también.


Friday, August 11, 2017

My classroom 2017-2018

Hello friends, here is my classroom for this school year. I did leave many things the way I had them last school year and it is not super decorated. I like it this and it will have things my students need on the walls and their work of course.

Here is how it started. I some bulletin boards from last year, there's where I had some anchor charts or vocabulary charts.

Another view. I want to thank all the custodians  who work at my school because they have to move all the furniture and they clean really well, I love shinny  floors. 

Then I started working...

The streamers on the board are going to be on the door welcoming my future students. 

Calendar/morning meeting/ math chat area.

The word wall is not finished yet. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

New resources

Hello friends!!

I have new resources in my TpT store, I have completed some things I wanted to use in my classroom this year, I needed them and I finally completed them.
I hope you find them useful too.
Some of the new resources have freebies included in them previews, so you can try the before buying.

Enjoy your SUMMER!!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Question words in Spanish

Here´s a little poster I created. I know we are supposed to create anchor charts with the students but if you teach Dual Language you know you don´t have a lot of time.
So here is the link to the poster,  I printed one on poster size for my room and one for each kid to have in their writing folders.