Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Linky

A wonderful and dedicated group of teachers have put together this linky where you can get many resources and meet new author teachers.

I am trying the morning buckets in my classroom this school year, I decided to use fewer worksheets. I have put together some boxes with different activities such as letter tracing, sorting by color, number and letter identification, reading, etc.
For this linky I have made a set of cards to practice letter and number identification. My students have been using them in class during morning activities. The set has a Johnny Appleseed theme so it would be great for this time of the year.

I hope you find it useful,  it can be used in English but I also included the Ññ so it can be used for Spanish also.

Just click on the picture and you will be directed to the file.

I also want to introduce to you my YouTube channel. You can download the videos and use them in your classroom. I like to use them as part of my morning routine or as a brain break.  My students love dancing and they don't know we are also practicing some letter identification, learning new vocabulary and practicing our HFW!
So here's the link:

Don't forget to visit all the other wonderful blogs to get your freebies and participate in the Rafflecopter. Good luck!


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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hello friends, here are some pictures of my classroom.
It is ready to receive my students next Monday, but it is still in progress.
I am not sure if the font size is too small, if all my students will be able to see it from their seats.
I´ll try it and if I notice my kiddos are having problems distinguishing the print I´ll change it.

I will remove the color words because I want to add a poem and some phonics stuff.

I do not know what I am going to use the pocket chart for.  :(

I do not like those cables!!!!
I love my rug, it has a spot for each of my students.

Can you see my genre tree?

Monday, February 1, 2016

Black History Month

I am glad to be part of this Linky, bilingual teachers must stick together to empower one another.
Since we are celebrating the Black History Month, I have a book to share with you.
It is simple but great for kindergartners.
If you teach DL you know there is very little time but you still have to deliver critical information using very few words.

I hope you find it useful!
Click here or on the picture to get it.